Frequently Asked Questions

Important: To successfully install themes, icons or wallpapers, you must follow these guidelines.

  1. Applying the default theme (Samsung) and restart your device.

  2. Before installing a new theme, make sure the "Dark Mode" is turned off.

  3. After downloading and applying the theme, restart your device.

Q1. Where can I find purchased themes, icons, etc. in the app?

  1. Go to device settings and select "Themes"

  2. In the upper left corner, click on the menu and select "My Stuff"

Switching between tabs, you will find what you need.

Q2. Why haven't all the pictures changed after applying the theme?

See guidelines for installing themes.

Q3. The lockscreen animation does not work on my device, why?

  • If you followed the recommendations for installing themes and it did not help, then there are two options for action:
    1. Open the device settings and find the "Accessibility" section, then in the "Improve Visibility" section, turn off the "Remove Animation" option.

    2. Open the device settings and find the "Apps" section, find "Galaxy Themes" in it and select "Storage", click "clear cache" and restart.

Then follow the instructions for installation.

Q4. I deleted a purchased theme, how can I find and download it again?

All themes or icons you previously purchased remain attached to your Samsung account. If you have not changed your account, you can always install the theme again without buying it.

  1. Open the device settings and find the "Themes" section. In the upper left corner, go to the menu and click "Purchased Items". Select a section and click "download" on the desired product.

  2. Go to my theme store page and find the one you need:

Q5. After updating the device firmware, my theme stopped working correctly?

  1. The update is necessary not only for devices, but also for themes. Updates for a theme can only be downloaded if it is not applied to the device. Apply the default theme (Samsung) and download the update and then apply.

  2. If there is no update for the theme, then perhaps it has not yet passed the necessary verification in Samsung or has not yet been done by me. In this case, write to me by Email, I will give you comprehensive information.

Q6. What should I do if I can't download a theme or receive a purchase or transaction error?

  1. Theme store and all purchase transactions are processed by "Samsung Billing". You should always have the latest updates for the built-in Samsung apps from the app "Galaxy Store"

  2. I do not deal with financial matters with buyers. Samsung is engaged in sales and issues related to payment for content. For additional support, you need to contact them directly for the necessary clarifications:

Q7. Why doesn't my messaging app look like the screenshots in the store?

Samsung Themes only work with the standard messaging app "Messages". You will need to go to "Settings"> "Applications"> "Default Applications" and make sure the "Messages" application is selected as your default messaging application

Q8. Why doesn't my keyboard look like the screenshots in the store?

Samsung themes only work with the default "Samsung keyboard". If you don't get the view as in the screenshot, then go to "Settings"> "General management"> "Language and input"> "On-screen keyboard"

Make sure the default "Samsung keyboard" is selected.

Q9. How to return (delete) themes, icons, wallpapers to default?

  1. Open "Settings" and click "Themes"
  2. In the upper left corner, click "Menu" then "My Materials"
  3. Select the desired category (themes, wallpapers, icons) and apply "Default"
  4. After application, you can "Delete" unnecessary.

Q10. What if I have another question?

You can always ask me for help in solving your problems with my themes. I ask you not to hesitate to contact my email; Always happy to help with advice!